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Thank you so much for visiting the site and I hope you enjoy looking through my graphics

The graphics I have displayed on the site are only a small sampling of the designs I've made over the years. I rearrange, remove, and change things over time to keep the site up to date with my latest designs.

*all site background images provided by or Wix

Dark Angel Graphics


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Welcome to my site, my name is Victoria Kaer, I'm a local author and graphic designer in Las Vegas, NV.

I've been writing since 2009 and designing since 2012. I currently have thirteen published works and I've designed covers, logos, bookmarks, business cards, and a variety of graphics for others. I also do summary creation for authors who struggle with writing the blurb for the back of their book. I enjoy both writing and designing because they allow me to be creative and seeing the final product is always satisfying.  

I design for any genre but you'll notice a trend in a lot of my posted designs that favors fantasy, paranormal, and horror genres. Don't be thrown by that, though a lot of the covers I have posted are dark in nature I can do light and fluffy.


If you'd like to request a design please drop me an email to discuss specifics and take a look at the pricing page to get an idea of what your design may cost. If you have any questions about design work, pricing, or a particular graphic feel free to email me.

All of my premades for publication are under the professional work tab. If you're viewing the site on mobile click on the + beside professional work to open the drop down menu.

I'm not an artist and I do not do drawn covers or other drawn design work. The graphics I make are designed and put together using purchased stock images.

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