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Hello and welcome, my name is Victoria Kaer, I'm a local author in Las Vegas, NV.


I began making graphics for fun for members on a writing website called Wattpad. It has allowed me to practice my design work so I could create covers for my published works and for several other authors I know. I enjoy creating graphics, testing my skills, and learning new things about graphic design. 

I am the Art Admin for a group called Coffee House Tours, check them out. 


Thank you so much for visiting the site and I hope you enjoy looking through my graphics. 


*some of the images I do not own. They were used from web searches to create covers for users on Wattpad. None of these items were used for published works or monetary gain

How to request:

If you'd like to request a graphic please use the form on the contact page and we can discuss the design.

If you're a member of Wattpad you can always PM me on the site @DarkAngelGraphics

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What I have displayed on this site is only a small sample of the graphics I've made over the years. I add things, remove things, and try to keep it updated to showcase my latest graphics.

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